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Euro2016: France "almost invincible" parading "bus of victory" before the game with Portugal

Paris hosts this afternoon the final of the European Soccer Championship under heavy security measures, when the country is in a State of emergency.

The Portuguese national team faces the French team from the local 9:00 pm (minus 1 hour in Lisbon).

A challenge that's going to end up always in victory for the more than one million Portuguese living in France.

"My father is French, my mother, and I will support them both with great pride. In any case I can celebrate a victory ".

A challenge marked this morning by analysts ' predictions and the comments of the Prime Ministers o f the two countries.

Manuel Valls said that the France team, "is almost invincible," while Antony Costa proved to be more modest, in saying that the presence of the Portuguese in the final "is already a great victory".

#EURO2016 #FRAPOR Manuel Valls believes the chances of the team of France

Yesterday, the Portuguese Prime Minister had crossed paths with the French President, François Hollande, at the NATO Summit in Warsaw.

Tomorrow, may the best man win. #POR #FRA #EURO2016

A Portuguese couple residing in Switzerland says:

"We began to prepare psychologically for this game. Let's see who will win, but we hope that it will be Portugal. Let's return to Switzerland after the game because we have to work tomorrow morning ".

A French supporter says: "for two and a half months that we try to find tickets, without success. We are now waiting to buy tickets at the Football Federation ".

About 3,400 of policemen were mobilized to patrol the Centre of Paris and the area of the stadium where the final.

The French police held this afternoon a controlled explosion of a suspicious object near the hotel where the French national team.

BREAKING: Police clear area around Equipede France team hotel due to suspicious bag found outside. #Euro2016

The French authorities claim that there will be a parade of players, in case of victory of the national team.

The bus of the "victory" of the "bleus" was, however, seen this morning on his way to Paris, with the inscriptions "Merci" and "champions of Europe".

An Internet user published the video of the bus like who, "see the future".

I went in the future I believe ⚪️ #PORFRA #EURO2016 9EQuC

On social networks, "Mr. culture" of French television, Bernard Pivot, the latter against, "this sure win, this victory announced, scheduled, celebrated ahead of time. Sure it's a House of cards ".

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