domingo, 14 de setembro de 2014

Vladimir Putin reacts to EU and u.s. sanctions

The new set of EU economic sanctions against Russia came into effect this Friday. At the age of 28, join now the United States, which also announced new sanctions.

For its part, Moscow retaliates with the ban of imports of consumer goods from the European Union. On the streets, citizens react differently.

"Imposing sanctions on other countries consume our fruit is very good because what is ours and we will develop," said an inhabitant of Moscow.

"What concerns me most is not the sanctions imposed by the Europeans to Russia, but those that were announced by us, because affect us individually," said a Muscovite.

The sanctions announced by Washington aimed at particularly petroleum groups, Russian banks and companies in the defence sector.

A Summit in Tajikistan, Vladimir Putin reacted to European and American sanctions.

"Resorting to these mechanisms seem to me, at least, strange given the current backdrop. I can't even understand what are related. Maybe someone doesn't like the process is to take the path of peace, "said the Russian President.

The head of Russian diplomacy said that Moscow will react "in a calm manner, suitable and protecting their interests".

In response to the previous set of sanctions, the Kremlin imposed an embargo on food and agricultural products from the European Union.

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