segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014

Refugees Christians of Erbil just want to go home

The Christian quarter of Ainkawa, in the city of Erbil â€" capital of Iraqi Kurdistan-, has more than two dozen refugee camps.

Most of them are occupied by Christians and Yazidi Kurds who fled the offensive on the extremists of the Islamic State, in summer, in the region of Mosul.

A resident says that "this is not a way to live". Explains that doesn't want to live like that "and preferred" can emigrate ". He adds that it is "obliged to fetch water [away] and bringing it here, every day" and therefore suffers "from the back".

Others have had better luck and already might be transferred to a new building, which is yet to be done, but it counts with hot water and toilet facilities. However, everyone wants to return to the homes they were forced to abandon against the advance of the extremists.

An old man explains that "all he wants is to go back [to his] House in Qaraqosh, even if everything was looted. Everyone here want to return to their homes and to practice their religion in their churches. They displaced us, left us without clothes, without food and without water ".

When completed, the building will accommodate 200 families who, despite the better conditions, continue to look to a future full of uncertainties.

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