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Ukraine: Steinmeier announces progress at the meeting in Berlin

A demarcation line and a call for an immediate end of hostilities that could reopen the path to the peace process in the East of Ukraine.

The head of German diplomacy, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who hosted the French, Russian and Ukrainian counterparts in Berlin, said that the meeting allowed for "significant progress".

Steinmeier stressed, however, that "after the meeting of the contact group, we'll see if it actually results in a withdrawal of heavy weapons. Depend on it and Russia, in particular, agreed to use his influence with the separatists in Eastern Ukraine ".

The Berlin meeting will be allowed to obtain an agreement in principle for the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front, according to the stipulated in the Minsk agreement signed in December, starting with the so-called demarcation line that separates the territory controlled by the army of areas in rebel hands pró-russos.

Moscow and Kiev have also agreed on a new meeting of the international contact group, as soon as possible to negotiate the distribution of humanitarian aid.

In the final communique, the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine appealed jointly to the cessation of hostilities, which have worsened in the past ten days.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With EFE/AFP

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